WeSC Bongo Headphones Review

WeSC, or We are the Superlative Conspiracy, are fast becoming a powerhouse in both fashion and now the world of headphones, with their brand taking a lot of market share in the UK and beyond for headphones and earbuds. They may be associated slightly more with cool T Shirts and other fashion accessories, and you certainly wouldn’t expect to see a set of these cans in a recording studio any time soon, but how do they stack up when it comes to generic listening quality, build quality and more? Check out our WeSC Bongo Headphones Review for an overview of this particular model.

WeSC Bongo Headphones on Amazon


The first thing that hits you about the Bongo is the looks, and though I don’t always advocate looks being the main thing you should base your choice of audio equipment on, these will certainly make you look suave walking down the street. Their metal headband and matte black with a subtle logo etched on an earpiece definitely looks cool, and if you’re in the market for a fashionable set of cans, these could well be your answer.

Audio Quality

Headphones aren’t just about fashion of course, and WeSC are very much a fashion orientated company. That doesn’t mean they wont make good quality gear, but lets face it it probably isn’t as much of a priority as looking cool. That said, for the price tag, one can’t really complain at the clarity offered by the Bongo headphones. Their closed back speaker, gold plated plugs and driver are pretty decent, and for the money you are parting with, I wouldn’t expect too much more from a brand such as Sennheiser who we may more associate with their audio abilities. As is often the case with modern audio equipment, the bass response seems to be a real priority, great for dubstep or dance music fans as well as those who were born to rock out!


These headphones are pretty good, I’d give them an 8/10 for comfort, and they can stand up to some long listening sessions without becoming a strain on our ears. At the same time they’re really sturdy and wont fall off your ears either, so just the right balance.

Extra Features:

  • Extending cable – this can come in really handy for obvious reasons.
  • Microphone for telephone conversations and recordings.
  • Compatible with smartphones and most mainstream audio devices.
  • Handsfree unit to change tracks without fiddling, great for cyclists and more.
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty.


I’m not going to tell you these are the best headphones in the world, but my honest WeSC Bongo Headphones review will tell you that they are a good model, available at a good price, and lets face it, they look cool. These guys certainly know how to get a design right, and don’t ignore the audio quality we long for in the process, including enough features to keep even the most hardy of audiophiles happy. Great value for money and the kind that will make your friends say “cool cans”, which is always nice…

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