The Best Graffiti Headphones

Graffiti is officially cool. There was a time when it was mainly considered a nuisance, and in large portions of society perhaps it still is, but nobody is doubting the artistic merit of Graffiti. It is an art form no matter what people say, just ask Banksy and other street artists. Of course with the popularity of these guys there has been an influx of products onto the market with graffiti designs, and lets face it, they look cool. I’m writing this to show you the best graffiti headphones on the market, I’m sure you’ll agree there are some really cool designs in here!

I love these headphones! You might need to click on the image above where you can see a zoomed-in version and look at all the amazing detail. Whether you’re into indie rock, heavy metal or hip-hop, these headphones are not only a great way to listen to your tunes in style whilst on the go, but they’re a way to make a statement. These cans are functional too, a built in microphone means you can talk to people on your smartphone as well as listening to songs. Described by the manufacturer as both lightweight and durable, these also have a long cord so you won’t have to worry about keeping your device close to be able to listen.

Calling all beats fans! The above are not a set of headphones, be warned, and if you have read through my site you may know that I’m not the biggest fan of beats, and think that there are other headphones and earbuds on the market that are far better quality available for less money than Dre’s beats. That said, they’re certainly not poor cans, and this awesome cover means you can make your beats look amazing (whilst still displaying the logo, I know you guys love to show it off).

I couldn’t include the earbuds in my site title if I didn’t accommodate them, so here’s a cheeky, subtle design of earphones as opposed to bigger can styles, but don’t be fooled, these aren’t just in the list for their little bit of graffiti in the design, these are amazingly reviewed on amazon, check out what people have to say about the iFrogz on Amazon. Not only are they really well reviewed, they’re an absolute bargain, usually selling for between $10 and $15 – they’re not going to be seen in every recording studio from now on, but they’re definitely perfect for those looking for some cool-looking, budget earbuds to listen to in the gym or on the go.

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