Sennheiser CX 300 II Earbuds Review

cx 300Sennheiser are a huge name in the world of audio equipment and have a massive range of headphones and earbuds. One of the highest selling models they produce is the CX 300 II – a set of earphones which come with enhanced bass and are great for listening to all different genres of music. They’re generally very well reviewed, but we’ve put them to our ultimate test here and decided to run a fine tooth-comb through the CX 300 II‘s to see if they live up to expectation.

The first thing we will talk about is the enhanced bass, this is a feature we see time and time again in headphones and earbuds, and whether that is useful or not depends largely on what you are going to use them for. If you are going to be mixing music with them (probably not something you’d do with earbuds anyway) then you don’t want any area enhanced, as it is not true to the original sound and can sway the way you create music, but for playback purposes there is no problem at all. Genres like dubstep, drum and bass and other dance and electronic types of music sound great played through these.

They deliver a very loud 113 dB and have an impressive frequency response, meaning you can hear from 42 Hz to 17 kHz. This is great for earbuds and the sound really does come through clearly.


These aren’t uncomfortable earbuds anyway, but they’re made even better by the three different sizes of silicon tips (S M and L) which are there to keep them snug in your ears, as well as that they have a clever design with the way they fit, an asymmetrical cable means that the cable is not unnecessarily big and doesn’t get in the way, but also doesn’t become any smaller and compromise the length in the process. Perfect for both comfort and safety and great for listening to whilst exercising.


Not the first thing we are after in Headphones but these do look the part, the asymmetrical look is kind of cool, plus they come with a carrying pouch and a futuristic black design. They definitely won’t let you down on the ‘coolness’ factor.


This is the main thing we look at, the quality of sound they deliver, and though these don’t give that of $300 headphones, for something around 10% of that price they do an amazing job. You know what you’re usually going to get with Sennheiser, they’re a brand you can trust. The workmanship involved can hardly be questioned, with a generous two year warranty if you have any problems. As already mentioned they’re bass heavy headphones. The sound they pick up is great, and if you are listening to jazz on them and don’t want the heavy bass, this can be fixed with the EQ feature of your listening device.

What Others Have Said

An average rating of over 4/5 on Amazon will show you that these are up to the job. A few small reservations about them staying in place when exercising have been mentioned, but with three different sizes I’m certain something will work for everyone. In general, people have been complementary about the crisp sound quality and amazing clarity of these very affordable earbuds.


If we were to list the ‘best earphones under $50′ these might well make the list. The features they boast for their price are impressive, and very few end up disappointed. They have a big brother model for those who want an included microphone, but for those of us just using them for listening to our favorite tunes, these are a superb option.

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