Best Earbuds for Bass

I won’t go into the science of it, but because of the way they are designed, earbuds sometimes struggle to deliver a thumping bass that so many of us crave, and so many genres of music demand. Whether you’re listening to some dance music in the gym or some metal while walking, the bass frequencies are key to almost every type of music so you should try and make sure your earbuds will be up to the challenge.

Here, I’ve collated some well-reviewed and high quality headphones which I’m calling the best earbuds for bass that will leave even the most road-hardened audiophile purring.

I’ll start with my top recommendation, the Klipsch Image S4i. As a kick off, they’re noise isolating so your clarity wont be interrupted by other background noises, which is great for public listening or if you’re in a noisy gym. As the company description says, these feature “Superior Bass Response and clarity from dual magnet micro-speaker and oval eartip seal”. Most of the reviews of this product you’ll see agree that they are a good quality set of earphones and they’re specialized for the best bass possible to keep all music fans happy.

A real value option here for an incredible $20 price tag. The MEElectronics M6-CL-MEE Sport model have an around the ear design which is perfect if you’re on the move. They’re durable and though they’re not going to be the most amazing headphones in the world at such a modest price tag, they’re probably worth more than you’ll pay for them. An enhanced bass that really does pack a punch will leave your ears completely satisfied without being worried you’re going to break them and have to shell out a fortune for a replacement. A good option for anyone on a budget.

One to make the audiophiles drool here (myself included) The Bower and Wilkins C5s offer pretty much everything you could realistically ask for from a set of earbuds (sorry, they won’t make you a sandwich) and for bass they are incredible. The design is functional for listening whilst out and about and as you would expect at this price tag the audio clarity and frequency response is amazing. Bass to blow your socks off.

Don’t forget your EQ for the best bass experience.

EQ or Equalization is the art of boosting and cutting certain frequencies in an audio track. You may well have a setting on your MP3 player or other listening device to have a play with your EQ. A popular setting is a “V” shape’d EQ which means boosting the high end and the low end, or you can simply put your bass frequencies up to emphasize them. EQ is designed to help recreate the truest and clearest audio environment to listen in, so you shouldn’t just boost the bass for the sake of it, but if you’re struggling to hear the low end you should try and give it a helping hand.

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Headphones for Kids

As with any piece of electronic equipment, it usually isn’t long until a children’s version is available, and headphones are no different, there are tons of headphones for kids currently on the market in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Are Headphones Safe for Kids?

One question to be dealt with before looking at any models or uses is a moral and parenting question, are headphones even safe to be used for children? An amazing study has shown that some headphones on the market are effectively louder to our ears than being a meter way from a chainsaw, and more than double the volume of conversational speech. As you may already know, whatever our age, we are at risk of damaging our hearing permanently if we expose it to loud noises for any period of time. These little earbuds or pretty looking headphones may look pretty inconspicuous but they can be dangerous to your children. Precautions need to be taken.

Fortunately, a lot of the headphones on the market that are aimed at children have their volumes limited to avoid dangerous exposure to loud noises, in the models I have listed below there isn’t a great deal of need for concern.

Uses of Headphones for Kids

Headphones have a few different uses for children. The most popular are:

  • Music – they might have a different taste in music to most adults, but kids love music just as much!
  • Tablets or Personal DVD Players – Great for in the car, they’ll keep your kid entertained for hours and with headphones you won’t even hear a peep.
  • Audio Books – Not very traditional but audio books are a big hit for kids who love stories.

Recommended Children’s Headphones

Pretty in  pink – these headphones are nice and affordable, as well as being low in volume so safe for sensitive children’s ears. Probably a lot more popular among girls due to their design, these headphones are designed for around 8 years or older due to size.

Tiger headphones! What an amazing design. I couldn’t have thought of anything better than tigers on my ears as a kid, so any child you buy these for will love them!Califone make a lot more designs too including pandas. Your children will love showing these off to their friends. Again, lower in volume and offer isolation from other sounds to decrease the need for volume.

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love Toy Story! It is amazing that kids can get almost everything branded with their favorite characters and these Toy Story Headphones are a great example of that, Buzz and Woody fans are sure to love these.

One for the boys, here, these amazing Batman headphones are a gadget in themselves as they fold up for easy transportation. If it were socially acceptable I may even have bought a set of these for myself!

A little something extra…

If you’ve got more than one kid this can be a great way to let them share an iPad and watch a video together or listen to the same music or audio book. Great for in the back of the car!


As you can see, there isn’t a great deal of risk involved in children’s headphones, and you can get some really cool models that children will love and are perfectly safe, plus they might even give you a valued few minutes of peace and quiet!

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Most Expensive Headphones on the Market

We all know the saying “you get what you pay for” and in the world of audio equipment, with some exceptions of course, this is often the case. The most expensive headphones on the market are usually costly because of their amazing audio ability, sound quality and the materials they are made out of. Some headphones prices are bumped up because they have been “pimped” so to speak, and you can even buy diamond encrusted audio gear if you so fancy (why you would is another matter).

Perhaps you’re visiting out of curiosity or perhaps you’ve recently come into some money and are looking for the best headphones, whatever the cost! Audiophiles, professional musicians and studio owners will always be about and looking for the best gear they can get their hands on. Here I’m going to run down some of the most expensive headphones in the world and discuss their qualities.

The Sennheiser HD-800

In the words of the manufacturer “The Sennheiser HD-800 is the headphone that has been specifically engineered in replicating the basic acoustic conditions of natural hearing” Sennheiser are one of the most successful manufacturers of audio equipment and specialize in headphones, catering for every price range from $10 upwards. You’re likely to pay over $1500 to get your hands on these bad boys, though. This model is claimed to have a revolutionary, patent-pending transducer specifically designed for it’s audio clarity.

Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Audiofile Stereo Headphone

Beyerdynamic are another brand you would associate with studios rather than wearing on the bus, but as the description says they’re suitable for home and studio use. Great for mixing tracks and working on your own music, this model comes with the crisp, crystal clear sound you’d be looking for in a set of headphones as well as offering their ‘Tesla’ technology, another transducer design that is said to be revolutionary.

These are the most expensive of the Tesla series by Beyerdynamic, and are one of the best-reviewed sets of cans on the market so wrap them around your lugs and be prepared for one of the clearest audio experiences of your life.

Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Stereophone

The first on the list to come in under a cool thousand dollars. These are also the first closed ear models on the list so suitable for DJs and other uses where you need to isolate yourself from other sounds. This model comes with the amp and is said to have a frequency response from 8hZ to 35,000 hZ. Considering most of us can only hear from about 40-18,000 hZ, presumably these headphones are also great for your dog (if you can stop him from chewing them).

In seriousness, though, another brilliantly reviewed piece of audio equipment that is suitable for mixing in a studio due to its exceptionally flat frequency response and the clear-as-day sounds you’ll get out of it. Beautiful.

Ultrasone DJ 1 Headphones made with Swarovski Elements

I had to put something in the list that isn’t on the expensive side for its audio ability. The ultimate show-off headphone, the Ultrasone DJ 1s are listed on amazon at the time of writing this at a cool $2,000. Ouch. I’m sure they’re not bad headphones, but I’m also sure that it isn’t their ability to replicate sounds that you’re paying for, but if you want to shimmer as you’re at the DJ decks or listening to your music at home then these are the cans for you!

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