The Most Durable Earbuds Out There

Although sound quality is often our number one priority when it comes to buying headphones or earbuds, a lot of people can’t simply look for good sound quality, and have to take other aspects into account, one of those aspects is the durability. If you often go running with your earbuds, or head to a skate or BMX park, or go to the gym for a workout, yours probably take a bit of a beating. Lots of people out there have had some really bad experiences finding durable earbuds, so I’m on a mission to help you out.

Earbuds or Headphones for Durability?

Firstly, a few words on Headphones Vs Earbuds for their durability, I would definitely go for the latter. Headphones which come in a can style, have an over the head band and are made of plastic are more likely to break, and there’s nothing worse than snapped headphones. Earbuds are much more flexible and fit right into your ear, if you drop them they’re probably not going to crack.

So what are you looking for? A sturdy material, flexibility, and a build quality that means they’re not going to break on you after a few days of use. If those are the qualities you’re looking for in durable earbuds, look no further and try on one of these bad boys for size:

Even though the audiophile in me doesn’t always want to recommend Skullcandy for their audio abilities, they do make some pretty decent models, especially in the price bracket. These are called Titans, so you’d hope you can rely on them! The build quality is great and their metal housing means they’re not going to break on you after being dropped on the floor. They also have a thick cord which stands the test of being pulled about. These definitely live up to the name (I’m just waiting for the “Spartan” model to be released now).

These JBudz are truly built to be durable. They’re not going to give the same sound quality as some models you can buy but you can see just from the photos how sturdy these really are with a rugged cord and metal buds. Not dissimilar in looks from the Skullcandy model, these are not as well reviewed, but you can bet your bottom dollar this model will take some punishment, and are definitely built to last.

If you’re looking to retain as much sound quality as you can from your durable earphones, these Klipsch buds fit the bill. There isn’t as much of a reason I can recommend them as being durable, but I have heard people use these for years in some testing circumstances and they’ve stood the test of time. They’re sturdily built, I’m not sure they’d pass the “will it blend” test, but if you want to retain as much audio capacity as you can they get my recommendation.

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