Investigating the Best Headphones For Running

iSportMusic is has loads of benefits when played during different activities. When you are running, it helps you focus your energy and work out more efficiently. The problem faced by many people is that the headphones they have are not suitable, either not loud enough, they may fall out of your ears or be uncomfortable. It is like this because some headphones are not meant for running, you can easily find many headphones especially developed for running by many manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional runner, or you are putting on your trainers for the very first time, you need to have appropriate sports gear to make the most of your workout. In this article you will find some of the best headphones which you can wear while running.

There are many manufacturers out there who are working to help you bring your music to your workout. For instance we have Philips, Sennheiser and Monster along with Beats by Dre. These guys are trying to come up with a pair, which fits you like a glove no matter what the workout is. Either way, the purchase is heavily dependent on your budget. You can proudly boast you iSport Victory by Monster at your workout, whereas the more affordable PMX 685i by Sennheiser could also suffice.

Starting off the comparison we have the Philips Action Fit SHQ5200. These are one of the very few over the ear sports headphones and a little on the expensive side. Charged at $134.27, this pair is extremely lightweight (just 100g) and comes with sweat proof cushions over the speakers. One noticeable thing is that it comes with a two part cable i.e. you can use a shorter cable when you are wearing an armband.

Moving on we have the Powerbeats by Dre. Charged at $149.95, they prove that beats by Dre have always been about style over substance. Designed true to the original beats, they are very bright & colorful (white and red/black and gold/white and blue/black and red). As always the pair by beats emphasizes on powerful bass, and it has an added feature i.e. ambient noise. It allows the sounds from your surroundings in, making these very suitable to wear in a busy area. Easy to wear, these headphones come in an earhook style. Now this is where they lack, when things start to get a little messy, the pair starts moving, slipping in your ears, becoming a nuisance rather than a help.

Now we’ll look at the best of the best, the Monster iSport Victory. Being one of the most expensive headphones which provides you with its worth, available in the sports category, these are charged at $149.95. With a tangle free cord (oh yes), these earbuds feature a patented SportClip, which ensures that they stay in your ear no matter what. Adding to that, they are waterproof, making them perfect or any sweaty or wet condition, say for instance swimming. Their noise isolation is extremely good, and the sound they produce is impressively clear and bassy. Furthermore, they feature an in-line ControlTalk mic which is supported by all iOS devices and some Android devices too.

After considering these three top-of-the-liners, you should consider your preferences and go for anyone of them. It’s not that these are the only headphones available in the market, you can have a look around at some of the sports models by Pioneer, Phillips, Sennheiser, etc. Having said that, if your budget allows, iSport Victory is the best pair of running headphones you’ll find on the market.

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