Earmuff Headphones

Earmuffs and Headphones, two variations of ear apparel, both with very different uses, that spent far too long without being married together. Nowadays, fortunately, you can buy the two together in the marvellous invention that is earmuff headphones. Of course it solves the issue of not being able to use both at the same time, which sometimes you can do (with small earbuds underneath your earmuffs) but unfortunately if your headphones are of any size, you can kiss goodbye to your warmers, unless of course, you buy a set of these…

These headphone earmuffs are pretty nondescript, which will suit some people down to the ground, they are great for use during winter activities or even winter sports and have a detachable cable so they can just be used as earmuffs if you so desire. There’s no pattern on these and they are in no way novelty as some earmuff headphones are, so you won’t get laughed at for wearing these if you’re male (or female of course). They boast a ‘one size fits all’ description so it shouldn’t worry how big or small your head is! Okay, the sound quality is not what you would get with an amazing set of the top headphones from the best headphone brands in the world, but they suit the purposes and get the job done, though you may not choose to listen on them when in the warmth of your own home.

Inevitably, I have to mention some of the louder and more extravagant types of earmuff headphones. These are really cute and come with an awesome snowflake design and are lovely and soft, they look great in a winter setting (you’d look pretty weird wearing them in summer anyway). A microphone is attached so they can be used to talk to people as well and attach to a lot of different smartphones for all of you chatterboxes.

These are possibly my favorite mentioned, the cute faux fur version (no animals harmed) are adorable and very loud, you have to have a certain style to pull these off but they make a great accessory and a fashion statement. Again, they’re not going to make road hardened audiophiles particularly happy, but that doesn’t mean they’re no good, and even though the sound quality would probably not fit into a studio setting they’re great for listening whilst out and about in the cold. They definitely have my seal of approval.

In general, earmuff headphones probably wont be ridiculously good quality, but as good as any budget or mid range set of headphones or earbuds, and most importantly they keep your sensitive ears nice and warm!

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