Best Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless Headphones for TV are an amazing invention, great for couples, especially for keeping noise to a minimum whilst still being able to listen to your TV shows at whatever time you feel like without disturbing anybody else. You can chill out and watch television at nobody else s expense. Wireless headphones have undoubtedly saved a lot of sleeping hours in recent years, but of course if it is you that’s going to be using them you definitely want the best quality sound and the most reliable headphones on the market, so we’ve put together a guide about the best wireless headphones for watching TV.

How they work

Wireless headphones work via a transmitter which plugs into an audio output on your TV, either in the RCA slots (red and white usually) on the side and back of your TV or through a headphone out slot. As long as you have a relatively modern TV then you should definitely be able to connect your cans.

My trust in the Sennheiser brand is pretty high and their range of wireless headphones is very good. The product description boasts that these headphones travel through walls, not much good if you’re trying to watch the TV but impressive nonetheless and proof that you shouldn’t be disturbed in your listening. As you’d expect from Sennheiser these have an excellent bass response and good sound quality, making them great for anything cinematic. They’re perhaps a little bit on the expensive side but you pay the extra for the quality. Fear not though, there are more affordable options if you need them.

These also come with a rechargeable dock so that you won’t be splashing out on new batteries every day or two!

These are the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to price. A set of two so perfect for listening in pairs, these are exceptionally cheap. You would expect therefore that these were a no-frills budget model but in fact they very much impress and have a huge amount of good reviews on Amazon. They even give models three times their price a run for their money and it’s always good to have a spare even if you will usually be listening alone. These can also be used with a range of other devices including MP3 players, DVD players, tablets and more.

These Sennheisers are the very definition of luxury when it comes to audio for TV. Boasting an incredible audio response and surround sound system which puts you right in the middle of the action when watching films and TV shows. Reliable and an immense level of quality, though you do pay a premium for it.

These are probably my recommendation for anybody looking for a simple but reliable set of wireless headphones for television purposes. A great set of cans, they won’t chill your beer or bring you refreshments but they will deliver good quality at a price that you can’t really quibble at. Probably represents the best value in the whole Sony range and are positively reviewed everywhere. Bargain.

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