Best Headphones Under $50

Many of us are on a budget in this day and age, and we don’t always want to break the bank to get a good quality set of headphones. You don’t necessarily get exactly what you pay for in this world, and though some of the headphones you buy for under $50 will be of poor quality, there are some real bargains out there, which we explore in this article designed to show you the best headphones under $50 of your hard earned cash.

Note: All of the models listed below are available on Amazon at under $50 at the time of writing this article, these prices are subject to change, but usually wont fluctuate too much.

Sennheiser HD 419

Sennheiser have models to pretty much suit any budget, and these are quite possibly the best over ear style headphones in their range under the 50 buck mark. They have a closed design to exclude background noise and let you focus on the music you love, they have plush cushions in order to provide the maximum comfort and provide punchy bass and a good sound quality on a budget. Sennheiser do offer more if you’re going to go up in price a little, but you can’t argue with these available at around the $35 mark at the time of writing this. They also come with a two year warranty so you don’t need to worry too much about them breaking on you and not being able to replace them.

Audio Technica ATH-M30

I don’t often pick out Audio Technica as a brand when it comes to writing about audio equipment, but when it comes down to the budget ranges of headphones, microphones and other bits and pieces, they really do manage to provide quality on a shoestring. The comfort, look and of course audio quality of these cans truly did surprise me when I got to listen through them and they are great for budding producers or just music enthusiasts who are looking to bag a bargain. In fact these are advertised as studio headphones with the manufacturer confident that their audio quality is up to scratch when it comes to mixing tracks and producing, as well as recording.

Klipsch Image S4 In Ear Headphones

These are the first in ear headphones to make my list – it is true that in ears are slightly cheaper anyway so you will get better quality for your money if you are happy with the earbud design, and one of the real luxury brands you can buy is Klipsch. These S4s are luxury defined, with four different oval earbud covers that make sure you have the absolute best fit and comfort, they deliver a bass that packs a punch for a small earbud and offer a crisp high end that you expect from this excellent brand. As well as that, they come with a two year warranty and an awesome carrying case made from stainless steel. Stylish, comfy and clear, these excellent headphones are currently available for less than 50 of your American dollars.

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