Best Colorful Headphones

We’re proud to be audiophiles here at Headphones and Earbuds, but even though a lot of our posts are about the quality of your cans, we also understand that they’re a fashion accessory for many people and thus an excuse to make a statement. That’s exactly what you can do if you decide to invest in some of these particularly colorful headphones and earbuds selected for your pleasure (some of them are very good quality too!)

Merkury Innovations M-HL720 Urban Beatz

We may as well start as we mean to go on, right? Check out these amazingly colorful headphones brought to you by Merkury Innovations, this amazing tricolor design will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. They’re an over ear design meaning more surface area to show off your greens, oranges and pinks, and they have a soft and comfortable padding to make sure you’re sorted for those long listening sessions. The coolest thing about these cans is a swivel design, they pretty much fold up with the earpieces tucking in so that you can stick them in a bag with ease. You only have to look at the reviews on Amazon to see that these are NOT a novelty item and in fact they’re a very good quality set of headphones available at a reasonable price. Definitely a win/win situation for the outgoing fashionista!

Sisun Wireless Headphones

Goodbye annoying cord, hello colorful, quality listening experience! The hi-tech looking band design comes in a variety of colors, leaving the choice up to you. The futuristic design doesn’t compromise on comfort though, nor does it ignore quality. These headphones offer a crisp and clear audio quality whether you’re listening to your music or a phone call. The bluetooth technology used mean you can pick up audio up to 10 meters away from your device, and can be used with phones, iPads and any device equipped with audio and bluetooth.

Colorful Earbuds

These are more a ‘get what it says on the tin’ kind of product, available in loads of different colors for your listening pleasure. Their design seems to be largely based on those you might get with your apple products, only…colorful! They’re a really affordable option and have both a microphone (so you can take calls with ease whilst on the go) and controls on the cord so you don’t have to fiddle with your device.

Macbeth Collection

For an amazing collection of colorful designs, check out the Macbeth collection! Dozens of designs, perhaps more aimed at the female side of the market, featuring everything from animal print to flowers, stripes and much more. They’re on the affordable side of the market so wont set you back too much, and are well reviewed, described as durable, clear and crisp and of course, colorful!

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