AKG K450 Review

AKG are one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to audio equipment, with a range of microphones and headphones to rival any on the market. Their range of listening gear spans from the affordable everyday earphones to luxury studio headphones, with new models constantly being released and becoming very successful. In this AKG K450 review, I’m going to be examining of the features of this¬†fold-able, affordable on-ear model.

The Specs

The AKG K450 is marketed as a ‘mini’ on-ear headphone, which has clearly been designed to be subtle and space saving. Their unique, patented folding system means they can be compacted into a really small spaces, great for chucking in a bag or even your pockets! They have undoubtedly been well designed to cater for comfort and functionality, being so portable and easy to use, as well as compatible with numerous pieces of audio equipment, from iPhones to MP3 players to just about anything imaginable, with an included jack adapter meaning you can plug into almost anything with a 1/4 inch or 1/8th inch output. As well as all of this, included in the box are two lengths of cable, so you can make sure you have the right amount to suit your needs.

Audio Quality

With all of these cool features aimed at making your listening experience as easy as possible, you might think that the manufacturer may have compromised somewhat on sound, but I know AKG and would never expect that to be the case; I wasn’t disappointed by the K450s. They are a ‘portable’ kind of headphone, designed for everyday listening and perhaps the odd bit of DJ mixing or casual production, so you don’t expect studio quality out of them, for what you do expect, a good clear frequency response and crisp, clear sound, they certainly deliver.


This is an important feature for serial music listeners such as myself! Fortunately, there are no real issues with the AKG K450 and they’re primed for hours of listening without suffering any real discomfort, great for people who are out and about on their bikes or playing sports, too. My preconception from looking at the shape and design of these headphones was that they might not be the most comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Value for Money

Although the recommended retail price of these headphones is over 100 big ones, you can pick them up for less than that at the moment, and at the time of writing these are available for around $80 or ¬£60 on Amazon, although they wont be overly suitable for mixing music for example, they offer real luxury for the casual listener and at a surprisingly good price. AKG could easily put these on the market for a lot more and they would sell, but they haven’t ripped us off with this model, making it a great buy! Definitely recommended, I give these a 9/10.

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