Sennheiser CX 300 II Earbuds Review

cx 300Sennheiser are a huge name in the world of audio equipment and have a massive range of headphones and earbuds. One of the highest selling models they produce is the CX 300 II – a set of earphones which come with enhanced bass and are great for listening to all different genres of music. They’re generally very well reviewed, but we’ve put them to our ultimate test here and decided to run a fine tooth-comb through the CX 300 II‘s to see if they live up to expectation.

The first thing we will talk about is the enhanced bass, this is a feature we see time and time again in headphones and earbuds, and whether that is useful or not depends largely on what you are going to use them for. If you are going to be mixing music with them (probably not something you’d do with earbuds anyway) then you don’t want any area enhanced, as it is not true to the original sound and can sway the way you create music, but for playback purposes there is no problem at all. Genres like dubstep, drum and bass and other dance and electronic types of music sound great played through these.

They deliver a very loud 113 dB and have an impressive frequency response, meaning you can hear from 42 Hz to 17 kHz. This is great for earbuds and the sound really does come through clearly.


These aren’t uncomfortable earbuds anyway, but they’re made even better by the three different sizes of silicon tips (S M and L) which are there to keep them snug in your ears, as well as that they have a clever design with the way they fit, an asymmetrical cable means that the cable is not unnecessarily big and doesn’t get in the way, but also doesn’t become any smaller and compromise the length in the process. Perfect for both comfort and safety and great for listening to whilst exercising.


Not the first thing we are after in Headphones but these do look the part, the asymmetrical look is kind of cool, plus they come with a carrying pouch and a futuristic black design. They definitely won’t let you down on the ‘coolness’ factor.


This is the main thing we look at, the quality of sound they deliver, and though these don’t give that of $300 headphones, for something around 10% of that price they do an amazing job. You know what you’re usually going to get with Sennheiser, they’re a brand you can trust. The workmanship involved can hardly be questioned, with a generous two year warranty if you have any problems. As already mentioned they’re bass heavy headphones. The sound they pick up is great, and if you are listening to jazz on them and don’t want the heavy bass, this can be fixed with the EQ feature of your listening device.

What Others Have Said

An average rating of over 4/5 on Amazon will show you that these are up to the job. A few small reservations about them staying in place when exercising have been mentioned, but with three different sizes I’m certain something will work for everyone. In general, people have been complementary about the crisp sound quality and amazing clarity of these very affordable earbuds.


If we were to list the ‘best earphones under $50′ these might well make the list. The features they boast for their price are impressive, and very few end up disappointed. They have a big brother model for those who want an included microphone, but for those of us just using them for listening to our favorite tunes, these are a superb option.

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Investigating the Best Headphones For Running

iSportMusic is has loads of benefits when played during different activities. When you are running, it helps you focus your energy and work out more efficiently. The problem faced by many people is that the headphones they have are not suitable, either not loud enough, they may fall out of your ears or be uncomfortable. It is like this because some headphones are not meant for running, you can easily find many headphones especially developed for running by many manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional runner, or you are putting on your trainers for the very first time, you need to have appropriate sports gear to make the most of your workout. In this article you will find some of the best headphones which you can wear while running.

There are many manufacturers out there who are working to help you bring your music to your workout. For instance we have Philips, Sennheiser and Monster along with Beats by Dre. These guys are trying to come up with a pair, which fits you like a glove no matter what the workout is. Either way, the purchase is heavily dependent on your budget. You can proudly boast you iSport Victory by Monster at your workout, whereas the more affordable PMX 685i by Sennheiser could also suffice.

Starting off the comparison we have the Philips Action Fit SHQ5200. These are one of the very few over the ear sports headphones and a little on the expensive side. Charged at $134.27, this pair is extremely lightweight (just 100g) and comes with sweat proof cushions over the speakers. One noticeable thing is that it comes with a two part cable i.e. you can use a shorter cable when you are wearing an armband.

Moving on we have the Powerbeats by Dre. Charged at $149.95, they prove that beats by Dre have always been about style over substance. Designed true to the original beats, they are very bright & colorful (white and red/black and gold/white and blue/black and red). As always the pair by beats emphasizes on powerful bass, and it has an added feature i.e. ambient noise. It allows the sounds from your surroundings in, making these very suitable to wear in a busy area. Easy to wear, these headphones come in an earhook style. Now this is where they lack, when things start to get a little messy, the pair starts moving, slipping in your ears, becoming a nuisance rather than a help.

Now we’ll look at the best of the best, the Monster iSport Victory. Being one of the most expensive headphones which provides you with its worth, available in the sports category, these are charged at $149.95. With a tangle free cord (oh yes), these earbuds feature a patented SportClip, which ensures that they stay in your ear no matter what. Adding to that, they are waterproof, making them perfect or any sweaty or wet condition, say for instance swimming. Their noise isolation is extremely good, and the sound they produce is impressively clear and bassy. Furthermore, they feature an in-line ControlTalk mic which is supported by all iOS devices and some Android devices too.

After considering these three top-of-the-liners, you should consider your preferences and go for anyone of them. It’s not that these are the only headphones available in the market, you can have a look around at some of the sports models by Pioneer, Phillips, Sennheiser, etc. Having said that, if your budget allows, iSport Victory is the best pair of running headphones you’ll find on the market.

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The Best Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof headphones are one of the many new kinds of audio equipment to spring up in recent years as we look for more and more listening experiences. Nowadays, you can even listen to your favorite tracks underwater! These models are great for swimming, taking to the beach or running or working out in the rain. Of course these are also washable which is a little extra bonus. Check out the models below and their specifications in order to decide which are best for your needs.

Dry Buds Comfortable Fit

From the manufacturers of the dry case for iPhones, iPods and other smartphones, these drybuds are a great, affordable underwater headphone, offering…

  • Three earbud sizes for the best fit (no awkward fiddling around underwater)
  • Submersible up to 3 meters (almost 10 ft)
  • Excellent sound quality for the price (and considering their use)
  • A long cord
  • Durable and long lasting – the shelf life of waterproof headphones is usually not the longest but these ones are built to last.
  • Comfortable – no irritation while swimming or working out.

Monster iSport

These sporty headphones are designed for the ultimate in durability, promoting themselves as the perfect earbuds for extreme sports and, yes, you’ve guessed it, going underwater. They clip around the ear to stay on, a swivel nozzle that means they stay comfortable in even the most extreme sports. Not only are these headphones extremely durable for all kinds of sports, they even claim that they can be thrown in the wash and come out again looking and sounding brand new!

H20 Audio X-1

One of the best reviewed waterproof headphones on Amazon and other retailers, the X-1s are completely waterproof and sweatproof. You can submerse them up to 12 feet and their ergonomic design means that they have a band going round the back of your head supporting the cable into your audio device. Perfect for swimmers. Features include:

  • Multiple sizes for the best fit from XS to XL
  • Dynamic bass to provide a boost while you exercise.
  • Coiled, high quality audio cable.
  • Durable for use in extreme sports.

H20 Waterproof System for iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffles are a swimmers best friend, and this, the second on our list from H20, accounts for both MP3 player and headphone needs with its awesome waterproof case which cleverly still allows you control of your shuffle while swimming, you can turn it up or down and change tracks whilst still swimming. As we have already explored, H20 offer good sound quality and the included surge S2 model of earbuds are a large contributing factor to the excellent reviews and popularity of this exceptional underwater listening system.


The market for waterproof headphones is very different to the rest of the audio market, it has a real sports orientation and a lot of the manufacturers you’d normally see here on the site don’t even enter the market. That said, the niche is covered by some high quality brands who offer great quality at reasonable prices. The truth is you are not going to get studio quality out of the above brands, but for a good listen during a swim or other workout these will more than cut the mustard.

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Best Headphones Under $50

Many of us are on a budget in this day and age, and we don’t always want to break the bank to get a good quality set of headphones. You don’t necessarily get exactly what you pay for in this world, and though some of the headphones you buy for under $50 will be of poor quality, there are some real bargains out there, which we explore in this article designed to show you the best headphones under $50 of your hard earned cash.

Note: All of the models listed below are available on Amazon at under $50 at the time of writing this article, these prices are subject to change, but usually wont fluctuate too much.

Sennheiser HD 419

Sennheiser have models to pretty much suit any budget, and these are quite possibly the best over ear style headphones in their range under the 50 buck mark. They have a closed design to exclude background noise and let you focus on the music you love, they have plush cushions in order to provide the maximum comfort and provide punchy bass and a good sound quality on a budget. Sennheiser do offer more if you’re going to go up in price a little, but you can’t argue with these available at around the $35 mark at the time of writing this. They also come with a two year warranty so you don’t need to worry too much about them breaking on you and not being able to replace them.

Audio Technica ATH-M30

I don’t often pick out Audio Technica as a brand when it comes to writing about audio equipment, but when it comes down to the budget ranges of headphones, microphones and other bits and pieces, they really do manage to provide quality on a shoestring. The comfort, look and of course audio quality of these cans truly did surprise me when I got to listen through them and they are great for budding producers or just music enthusiasts who are looking to bag a bargain. In fact these are advertised as studio headphones with the manufacturer confident that their audio quality is up to scratch when it comes to mixing tracks and producing, as well as recording.

Klipsch Image S4 In Ear Headphones

These are the first in ear headphones to make my list – it is true that in ears are slightly cheaper anyway so you will get better quality for your money if you are happy with the earbud design, and one of the real luxury brands you can buy is Klipsch. These S4s are luxury defined, with four different oval earbud covers that make sure you have the absolute best fit and comfort, they deliver a bass that packs a punch for a small earbud and offer a crisp high end that you expect from this excellent brand. As well as that, they come with a two year warranty and an awesome carrying case made from stainless steel. Stylish, comfy and clear, these excellent headphones are currently available for less than 50 of your American dollars.

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Marshall Major Headphones Review

Marshall are a big name in the world of audio equipment, but are of course more widely associated with guitars and amplifiers than they are with headphones. It seems like every big audio brand wants to branch out into headphones and earbuds these days, so do these match up to expectation? We reveal all in our Marshall Major headphones review.

The Marshall headphones are really awesomely designed, and I’m certainly not accusing them of jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it. I feel that these cans certainly bring something new to the market. In the manufacturers words, they plan to “evoke the spirit” of the original Marshall Amp range we know and love. They’re a damn cool brand, and who knows, maybe these will become to guitar music lovers what Beats have become to Hip Hop lovers (only hopefully better sounding).



  • Foldable Design
  • Included 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch connections
  • Soft Leather Ear Pads
  • Self adjusting wing support
  • Marshall Amplifier texture (vinyl design)


I don’t always focus much on the looks of a headphone, it’s subjective depending on taste and I like to focus more on quality, but you can’t help but be impressed by the looks and presentation of the Marshall Major headphones. They come in a swish box which looks almost rustic and hand made, making a lovely experience when it comes to opening them for the first time. The coiled cable is reminiscent of guitar gear and has a retro feel, while the phones themselves are a thing of utter beauty. Constructed from soft leather with a smooth black or white finish (they could almost be an apple product) with the Marshall logo nicely embedded on the side, these look great (and more expensive than they actually are). Again, a great way to show off your rocker roots.


The padded leather cushions mean that the Majors sit on your ear nicely and are designed for long listening sessions. They’re comfy on the ol’ ear drums too, they don’t have ridiculous bass boosts and don’t make your ears tire too quickly.


The key is of course the audio quality, and though this model ticks every other box, does it sound good? The answer is a resounding yes. Audiophiles will tell you that these may not be the best in the world, and they’d be right, probably, but if we’re talking about bang for your buck in audio terms then the price tag for this offers great value! Good audio clarity, crisp top end and a solid bass without trying to blow your ears off, Marshall have got these just about right.


Only one criticism of this, and not something I’ve experienced myself, the cool folding design has been said to make these headphones liable to break, but they do come with a one year manufacturers guarantee, so it is unlikely that any problems wont be resolved. A few bad reviews about the build quality on amazon have dragged its score down a bit, but dont let that fool you, this is an excellent bit of audio gear for the price.


The Marshall Major Headphones have definitely got the thumbs up from me, and I would recommend them to people looking for a good set of headphones for listening to tunes and perhaps for a guitarist listening through his amp (lets face it, they fit the look)

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AKG K450 Review

AKG are one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to audio equipment, with a range of microphones and headphones to rival any on the market. Their range of listening gear spans from the affordable everyday earphones to luxury studio headphones, with new models constantly being released and becoming very successful. In this AKG K450 review, I’m going to be examining of the features of this fold-able, affordable on-ear model.

The Specs

The AKG K450 is marketed as a ‘mini’ on-ear headphone, which has clearly been designed to be subtle and space saving. Their unique, patented folding system means they can be compacted into a really small spaces, great for chucking in a bag or even your pockets! They have undoubtedly been well designed to cater for comfort and functionality, being so portable and easy to use, as well as compatible with numerous pieces of audio equipment, from iPhones to MP3 players to just about anything imaginable, with an included jack adapter meaning you can plug into almost anything with a 1/4 inch or 1/8th inch output. As well as all of this, included in the box are two lengths of cable, so you can make sure you have the right amount to suit your needs.

Audio Quality

With all of these cool features aimed at making your listening experience as easy as possible, you might think that the manufacturer may have compromised somewhat on sound, but I know AKG and would never expect that to be the case; I wasn’t disappointed by the K450s. They are a ‘portable’ kind of headphone, designed for everyday listening and perhaps the odd bit of DJ mixing or casual production, so you don’t expect studio quality out of them, for what you do expect, a good clear frequency response and crisp, clear sound, they certainly deliver.


This is an important feature for serial music listeners such as myself! Fortunately, there are no real issues with the AKG K450 and they’re primed for hours of listening without suffering any real discomfort, great for people who are out and about on their bikes or playing sports, too. My preconception from looking at the shape and design of these headphones was that they might not be the most comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Value for Money

Although the recommended retail price of these headphones is over 100 big ones, you can pick them up for less than that at the moment, and at the time of writing these are available for around $80 or £60 on Amazon, although they wont be overly suitable for mixing music for example, they offer real luxury for the casual listener and at a surprisingly good price. AKG could easily put these on the market for a lot more and they would sell, but they haven’t ripped us off with this model, making it a great buy! Definitely recommended, I give these a 9/10.

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WeSC Bongo Headphones Review

WeSC, or We are the Superlative Conspiracy, are fast becoming a powerhouse in both fashion and now the world of headphones, with their brand taking a lot of market share in the UK and beyond for headphones and earbuds. They may be associated slightly more with cool T Shirts and other fashion accessories, and you certainly wouldn’t expect to see a set of these cans in a recording studio any time soon, but how do they stack up when it comes to generic listening quality, build quality and more? Check out our WeSC Bongo Headphones Review for an overview of this particular model.

WeSC Bongo Headphones on Amazon


The first thing that hits you about the Bongo is the looks, and though I don’t always advocate looks being the main thing you should base your choice of audio equipment on, these will certainly make you look suave walking down the street. Their metal headband and matte black with a subtle logo etched on an earpiece definitely looks cool, and if you’re in the market for a fashionable set of cans, these could well be your answer.

Audio Quality

Headphones aren’t just about fashion of course, and WeSC are very much a fashion orientated company. That doesn’t mean they wont make good quality gear, but lets face it it probably isn’t as much of a priority as looking cool. That said, for the price tag, one can’t really complain at the clarity offered by the Bongo headphones. Their closed back speaker, gold plated plugs and driver are pretty decent, and for the money you are parting with, I wouldn’t expect too much more from a brand such as Sennheiser who we may more associate with their audio abilities. As is often the case with modern audio equipment, the bass response seems to be a real priority, great for dubstep or dance music fans as well as those who were born to rock out!


These headphones are pretty good, I’d give them an 8/10 for comfort, and they can stand up to some long listening sessions without becoming a strain on our ears. At the same time they’re really sturdy and wont fall off your ears either, so just the right balance.

Extra Features:

  • Extending cable – this can come in really handy for obvious reasons.
  • Microphone for telephone conversations and recordings.
  • Compatible with smartphones and most mainstream audio devices.
  • Handsfree unit to change tracks without fiddling, great for cyclists and more.
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty.


I’m not going to tell you these are the best headphones in the world, but my honest WeSC Bongo Headphones review will tell you that they are a good model, available at a good price, and lets face it, they look cool. These guys certainly know how to get a design right, and don’t ignore the audio quality we long for in the process, including enough features to keep even the most hardy of audiophiles happy. Great value for money and the kind that will make your friends say “cool cans”, which is always nice…

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What is the Best Headphone Amplifier Available?

The Role of a Headphone Amplifier is to drive your set of headphones, in the same way an amplifier would be used to drive a set of passive speakers in a PA system on stage. Most electronic devices come with a built in headphone amplifier, which is what makes the audio signal loud enough to hear. Devices such as TVs, CD players and almost anything else with a headphone jack will output comes with one of these amplifiers, but a niche market of audiophiles is always on the hunt for the best headphone amplifier to get the most out of their cans.

Ordinarily these headphone amps can power between 10 mW and 2 W – a fraction of what a PA amplifier could provide, but more than enough to make for an audio clarity and volume to make even the most road hardened music fan happy.

Best Model of Headphone Amp

FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier

It is hard to look much further than the FiiO brand for headphone amplification on the go. It may not be used in studio environments (though it could do the job) but it is so versatile and designed specifically to enhance the listening environments we often find ourselves in during this modern age of portable audio. This will fit (and greatly improve) the following:

  • iPods and MP3 players
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • Portable DVD Players and Other Portable media

The features of the FiiO include:

  • Three EQ settings, two of which are bass orientated and the other is designed for a flat set of frequencies.
  • Volume Control – Volume control without compromising sound or risking distortion, one of the big advantages of using a headphone amp.
  • Handy Clip to attach to clothes or bag, making it extremely portable.
  • Slick case for carrying around, take it to the gym or on the bus just as easily.

ART HeadAmp4 Headphone Amplifier

This Art Headamp4 model is a great little amplifier for using in a studio or desktop environment, offering four headphone outs each with its own volume control, designed to help out in a studio or rehearsal room by hooking up band members to quality audio playback. This amp features excellent, low distortion sound quality with both 1/4 and 1/8 inch outputs and inputs, so no need for pesky and annoying jack adapters (always a big bonus and a help with audio quality).

This isn’t just for studios and rehearsals, and can be just as well used for home entertainment, for example if a few people wanted to listen to music nice and loud without disturbing room mates. This is not easily ‘portable’ as such but does come with a carry case made of sturdy metal so you can take it out and about with you (though you might get some funny looks whipping it out on the bus).


There are many more models of headphone amps available, and in many cases you get what you pay for, but the two I have mentioned cover most bases for any audiophile. Don’t forget that any of the links you use on this site are affiliate links and we will earn a commission on them.

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Best Colorful Headphones

We’re proud to be audiophiles here at Headphones and Earbuds, but even though a lot of our posts are about the quality of your cans, we also understand that they’re a fashion accessory for many people and thus an excuse to make a statement. That’s exactly what you can do if you decide to invest in some of these particularly colorful headphones and earbuds selected for your pleasure (some of them are very good quality too!)

Merkury Innovations M-HL720 Urban Beatz

We may as well start as we mean to go on, right? Check out these amazingly colorful headphones brought to you by Merkury Innovations, this amazing tricolor design will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. They’re an over ear design meaning more surface area to show off your greens, oranges and pinks, and they have a soft and comfortable padding to make sure you’re sorted for those long listening sessions. The coolest thing about these cans is a swivel design, they pretty much fold up with the earpieces tucking in so that you can stick them in a bag with ease. You only have to look at the reviews on Amazon to see that these are NOT a novelty item and in fact they’re a very good quality set of headphones available at a reasonable price. Definitely a win/win situation for the outgoing fashionista!

Sisun Wireless Headphones

Goodbye annoying cord, hello colorful, quality listening experience! The hi-tech looking band design comes in a variety of colors, leaving the choice up to you. The futuristic design doesn’t compromise on comfort though, nor does it ignore quality. These headphones offer a crisp and clear audio quality whether you’re listening to your music or a phone call. The bluetooth technology used mean you can pick up audio up to 10 meters away from your device, and can be used with phones, iPads and any device equipped with audio and bluetooth.

Colorful Earbuds

These are more a ‘get what it says on the tin’ kind of product, available in loads of different colors for your listening pleasure. Their design seems to be largely based on those you might get with your apple products, only…colorful! They’re a really affordable option and have both a microphone (so you can take calls with ease whilst on the go) and controls on the cord so you don’t have to fiddle with your device.

Macbeth Collection

For an amazing collection of colorful designs, check out the Macbeth collection! Dozens of designs, perhaps more aimed at the female side of the market, featuring everything from animal print to flowers, stripes and much more. They’re on the affordable side of the market so wont set you back too much, and are well reviewed, described as durable, clear and crisp and of course, colorful!

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The Best Headphones for Mixing Music

I’m lucky enough to come from a background of music production, so I like to think I know my stuff when it comes to the topic of mixing music. In the world of recording and mixing, using headphones still comes with a little bit of a stigma, with most in agreement that mixing on studio monitors (proper speakers) is best. However, being realistic, using cans to mix your tunes is not only the most accessible way for some people to start producing, it is also necessary, we can’t take our studio monitors out with us if we want to mix in a cafe or on a train. Lets face it, headphones or earbuds are the way most music is consumed these days, so they’re bound to have an impact on production too. They’re becoming as widely accepted as speakers, however, it is important to get the best headphones for mixing if you possibly can, so I’ve put together a handy guide on the subject here.

AKG 701′s

I’m going to start with my go to brand of mixing headphones, and personal favourite, AKG 701′s…

Not only are these amazingly cool looking (not that looks play a part) they’re an exceptional set of studio headphones. Brilliantly clear high end sounds as well as punchy bass, these cans are brilliantly accurate and a favorite among mixing and mastering engineers everywhere. Their open back makes them a top choice for studio mixing (don’t try using these for live DJ mixes), they boast an excellent build quality (as with every AKG set of headphones) and a comfortable design that will keep your ears content even during the longest mixing sessions. Definitely recommended if your budget allows it.

A budget alternative…

Sticking with AKG for a version of their headphones, this time semi-open, that you can get for under $100. Perfect for those who care about sound quality and precision but don’t want to push the boat out.

Sennheiser HD600′s

Sennheiser are another brand you associate with mixing headphones, the German manufacturers have one of the largest range of headphones and earbuds in the world, and in amongst them are these beautifully precise HD600s. Another expensive set, but that’s to be expected if you’re looking for the sharpest, most accurate sound you can get for mixing your tracks, but you wont be disappointed with your investment.

A quote directly from the manufacturer’s page:
“I have used my HD 600′s for casual and critical listening ever since I got my pair. I can depend on the HD 600 in many different environments and can always expect great results out of it.” -Kazuri Arai, Recording and Mixing Engineer

A budget alternative…

Again, I realise that these are a little on the expensive side for some people, but Sennheiser have a huge range and there are a budget alternative

You can see from the reviews on Amazon that these are exceptionally good headphones, with some arguing they’re even as good as the HD600s, I’m not sure I’d go that far but again I would recommend these for anybody on a budget of $100 or so.

If you’re on a Super Budget…

Okay, just a quick and random recommendation for some headphones I’ve never used, but have heard excellent things about, especially considering the price range, you can usually get these AKG K99s for around 50 bucks, which you really cant argue with, and if you do most of your mixing on monitors but just need the helping hand of some decent cans now and then these are a good call.


When I was taught to mix, I was told to listen in as many different environments as possible, most people who are listening to the track will either be doing so through a car stereo, cheap headphones or most likely a set of Apple’s own headphones. Worth considering when it comes to working out your weapon of choice, and though you should have as good a set of cans as you can, you should also see how the finished article sounds on less high quality headphones.

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